Indirect optical geometry measurement

With the funding of a Consolidator Grant, the European Research Council enables Prof. Fischer to conduct research for 5 years within the framework of the InOGeM project with regard to overcoming current limitations of optical geometry measurement technology and to lay the foundation for a completely new class of measurement instruments. InOGeM will introduce a paradigm shift by no longer measuring the surface of the measured object directly, but instead - in an inverse process - the geometry of the gas surrounding the body.

The surrounding gas is doped using tiny, well-controlled fluorescent particles or molecules. A confocal microscope captures the point where the fluorescence ends with a depth scan, allowing indirect geometry measurements in the sub micrometer range via a model-based evaluation approach.

This form of indirect geometry measurement offers the potential for optical measurement on highly curved or translucent surfaces with varying optical properties of the target, even through limited access. InOGeM thus enables fast geometry measurements with a nanometer precision below the classical limits, which is unattainable today, and thus takes optical geometry measurement to a new level for a wide range of applications.

Funding authority:European Research Council
Funding programme:HORIZON
Funding ID:101044046 — InOGeM