Laboratory for dimensional metrology

BIMAQ's infrastructure features a variety of modern high-precision measurement systems. The equipment ranges from tactile coordinate, gearing and roughness measuring devices via optical systems like stripe pattern projection and laser triangulation through testers for nondestructive analysis with thermal, magnetic and acoustic probe systems and sensors. This equipment is used for the calibration and validation of newly developed measurement and sensor systems, e. g. for optical gear measurements, but it is also the basis for measurements within research projects and for the regional industry.

BIMAQ conducts form, size and location tests on very small to very large components by dimensions of a few millimeters up to 3 meters and offers standardized measurement and evaluation procedures as well as customer-specific solutions, such as the evaluation of advanced features or the digitization of a component.

Technical specifications

→ Coordinate measuring machine Mahr Primar MX4

  • Measuring volume: 0.6 x 0.6 x 0.7 m³
  • Measuring Accuracy: MPEE ≤ (1.2 + (L in mm)/500) µm
  • Rotary table: for rotationally symmetrical components to 0.6 m diameter

→ Portal coordinate measuring machine Leitz Reference 10.7.6

  • Measuring volume: 1.0 x 0.7 x 0.6 m
  • Measuring Accuracy: MPEE ≤ (0.9 + (L in mm)/350) µm

→ Contour and roughness measuring Mahr LD 120

  • Probe measuring range z / x: up to 20/120 mm
  • Resolution in z: 2 nm
  • Measuring point distance in x: min. 0.05 µm
  • Measuring Accuracy: MPEE ≤ (1.0 + (L in mm)/100) µm

→ Contour and surface roughness tester Mitutoyo C-5000

  • Probe measuring range z / x: up to 24/200 mm
  • Resolution in z: 4 nm
  • Resolution in x: 6 nm
  • Measuring Accuracy: MPEE ≤ (0.3 + (L in mm)/500) µm

→ Fringe Projection System Steinbichler COMET 5 1.4M

  • Resolution (measurement field): 40 µm (50 mm)/350 µm (400 mm)

→ Air-conditioned measurement laboratory


  • Development of measurement and evaluation strategies
  • Acquisition and analysis of dimensional deviations - tactile or optical
  • Characterizing surface quality - tactile or optical
  • Gear inspection
  • Surface integrity analysis - non-destructive and non-contact
  • Order/reference measurements

Contact Details

Axel von Freyberg
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