Spatially resolved fluid temperature measurement by confocal fluorescence microscopy in the process environment of laser chemical machining (LCM)

Semester: Sommersemester 2021
Course: BSc Produktionstechnik, Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Produktionstechnik
Suitable as: Bachelor's Project
Group size: 3-3 persons

The growing demand for engineered microcomponents increasingly requires the use of manufacturing techniques such as laser chemical machining (LCM), whose non-contact material removal is based on a localized chemical reaction with an electrolyte liquid. Current research focuses on temperature and removal modeling of the process, but this requires in situ measurement of surface geometry and temperature. Confocal fluorescence microscopy is already suitable for microgeometry measurements in liquids. However, the laser-induced surface temperature, which fundamentally affects the removal result, has not been measured so far. In order to enable holistic LCM process modeling, a measurement system is now to be developed that combines temperature and geometry measurements. The measurement approach is based on the determination of the fluorescence lifetime, which depends on the temperature of the fluorophore and will allow the determination of the spatial temperature distribution during the geometry measurement. The main task of the project work is to develop and build a detector system that uses this measurement principle to measure the fluorescence lifetime of a fluid in a confocal setup. The spatially resolved temperature measurement will be validated in first experiments.

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