Preliminary investigations on the development of a medical drill method with simultaneous determination of the length of the drill channel

In the surgery and orthopedics are under the treatment of bone fractures, but also in correcting misalignments of the skeletal system, metal implants used to stabilize the bone. Here, in many cases, the metal plates are used which are screwed to the bone to fix the fracture site. It screws are screwed through the entire bone therethrough. One for each drill hole exactly matching screw length of successful treatment is crucial. The previously customary determination of the length of the drilling channel by means of a gauge is cumbersome and prone to error.

Bones are made of different layers with different specific material properties (e.g., density, hardness). The work aims to investigate the feasibility of a new process, with the resulting drilling vibrations and forces as well as the depth to be measured during the drilling and evaluated to determine the correct screw length.

The individually formative task provides the opportunity to participate in current research topics. Possible tasks are aimed at the creation of a laboratory construction for conducting drilling trials and subsequent evaluation of the measured data.

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