Uncertainty analysis of refractive index distributions on tomographic PIV measurements

Bachelor/Master Thesis

Particle Image Velocimetry is a standard optical measurement technique for the determination of flow velocity fields. Cameras are used to measure the particle movements associated with the flow. The particle movement is used to reconstruct the velocity field. These flow measurements are of particular interest for example in flow optimization of vehicles and airplanes and for wind energy.

The simultaneous observation of the particle distribution of at least four cameras (Tomographic PIV) allows a volumetric determination of the velocity field. The particle distribution in the measurement volume is numerically reconstructed. Within the scope of this work, the influence of light refraction in inhomogeneous refractive index fields shall be investigated. The deflection of light rays leads to deviations in the particle images of the individual cameras. This results in problems in particle reconstruction and in so far unquantized measurement error of the velocity field. These influences will be investigated in the context of this work.

Your profile:

  • students of production engineering, systems engineering or industrial engineering
  • Interest in optical metrology
  • independent and responsible way of working
  • previous knowledge of Matlab (image processing) is helpful

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