Flowmeasurement in grinding gap

Metalworking fluids (MWFs) are used in grinding to reduce the heat generation of the abrasive process and to prevent thermal damage such as grinding burn. The heat transport of an active liquid cooling (forced convection) is fundamentally known, but the cooling process in the grinding gap is still unclear. The reason for this is the high dynamics of the grinding wheel and liquid in the grinding gap with spatial parameters of a few µm, which are extreme requirements for measurement technology.

In cooperation with the IWT, we are working on a valid measurement technique for flow measurement in the grinding gap with the aim of better understanding the flow dynamics on the cooling process. The flow measurement technique currently used for this is "Particle Image Velocimetry", which visualises the flow with laser light illumination and calculates a velocity field with image series (see Fig. 1).

The range of tasks is versatile, so that the focus can be individually adjusted according to experience and interests and can be placed on theory, measurement or programming.

Possible contents:

  • Enhancement of the measurement set-up
  • Planning and execution of measurement series
  • Model-based Python evaluation of the recordings


  • Enthusiasm for optical metrology
  • Independent style of work
  • Interest in diverse tasks

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