Reducing measurement uncertainty in speckle photography measurements

Speckle photography is an optical measuring method for high-resolution determination of deformations and surface characteristics. "Speckles" are dots of light that are created when rough surfaces such as paper, wallpaper or metals are illuminated with a laser. This pattern of dots can easily be observed when pointing a laser pointer at a wall. The characteristic speckle pattern of a surface enables the detection of the deformations in nanometer range and holds additional information about the surface roughness. The aim of this research work is to reduce the measurement uncertainty by modulating the illumination by means of adaptive optics such as spatial light modulators (SLM).

Possible tasks are diverse. An individual emphasis can thus be placed either on theory, measuring or
programming, depending on the student's own experience and interests.

Possible Tasks:

  • Further development of a method that
    reduces speckle measurement uncertainty
  • Planning and execution of test series
  • MATLAB analysis of speckle images


  • Enthusiasm for optical measurements
  • Independent style of work
  • Interest in diverse tasks

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