Optical defect detection in nano-structures: experimental setup, uncertainty analysis, feature detection

Surfaces with column-like nano-features exhibit many useful properties, and are referred to as a new type of metamatarial. Each nanopillar has a diameter of about 10 nm, and the pillars are distributed in a grid-like pattern. However, there is a lack of appropriate measurement technology for rapid production-grade quality control.

Is it possible to recognize the defects below the diffraction limit?

Therefore, the goal here is to realize a fast defect detection system for nano-structured surfaces based on evaluation of light scattering (scatterometry). Within the scope of this thesis, an experimental setup will be extended and applied to different samples in order to record and evaluate measurement data on light scattering in all three spatial coordinates.

Potential contents of the thesis

  • Realization of a movable photodetector to accelerate the measurements
  • Determination of position and position uncertainty of the photodetector with respect to the nano-structure
  • Investigation and expansion of the achievable dynamic range for scattered light detection
  • Image processing: feature detection based on the measured scattered light images

Your profile

  • Enthusiasm for optical metrology and/or optics
  • You enjoy working on experiments and data analysis
  • You have programming knowledge in Matlab or Python.
  • You want to work with us to increase the manufacturing quality of the materials of the future!

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