Measurement of dynamic flow conditions on wind turbines in operation

The aerodynamic flow behaviour of the rotor blades is crucial for the efficient operation of wind turbines. Depending on the geometric distribution of different flow conditions in the boundary layer near the surface, rotor blades exhibit a resulting lift and flow resistance. Thermographic measurement methods visualise the condition of the boundary layer flow and thus enable a geometric allocation of laminar and turbulent flow regimes on the rotor blade surface. Various factors influencing the flow situation do not remain constant during a rotor blade rotation and cause a non-static boundary layer flow on the surface.

The flow conditions on the rotor blade surface of the wind turbine change especially in the area of the tower passage. Therefore, the flow behaviour in this section of the rotor rotation is of particular interest. Within the scope of the work, the boundary layer flow on the rotor blade profile is to be investigated for dynamic behaviour with the aid of thermographic flow visualisation. The focus is on the position of the laminar-turbulent transition. By recording and comparing individual thermographic images in the area of the tower passage, a change in the position of the laminar-turbulent transition is to be investigated

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