Measurement of the refractive index fields of flames

Bachelor/Master thesis

The investigation of reactive flow processes such as flame flows is a current research area in process engineering and energy research. To characterize the dynamics of these processes, optical flow measurement techniques are used in which the refractive index field of the flame leads to optical distortions in the images. The distortions lead to measurement errors which can be determined and corrected with the knowledge of the refractive index field.

In the context of this work, background oriented schlieren (BOS) measurements are to be carried out to determine the refractive index field of flames. In BOS measurements, known point patterns are observed through the refractive index field using a camera (see Fig. 1 and Fig. 2) and deviations in the image acquisition are determined by means of image evaluation. Using symmetry conditions or tomographic measurements, the refractive index field is to be determined.

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  • students in production engineering, systems engineering or industrial engineering
  • Interest in optical metrology
  • independent and responsible way of working
  • previous knowledge of image processing is helpful

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