Deflection measurement of the forming stylus during incremental sheet metal forming

The increasing demand for customized sheet metal parts in small quantities requires a more economical manufacturing process than conventional deep drawing, which involves expensive, customized tools. An alternative is incremental sheet metal forming, in which a forming stylus forms the sheet metal point by point over a counter die. High forming forces lead to deflection of the forming stylus and thus to geometric deviations of the sheet. In order to compensate these deviations, the deflection of the forming stylus needs to be measured during the process.

An optical system consisting of several cameras (shadow sensors) is intended to detect the deflection. In the planned measuring principle, an LED attached to the forming stylus casts a shadow of a pattern onto the sensor of the camera, so that the position of the stylus can be determined by evaluating the shadow pattern. In addition, an acceleration sensor ensures the recording of high-frequency tool movements.

The following topics are available for selection:

  • Investigation of quantities influencing the
    measurement of a single shadow sensor
  • Optimization of the shadow pattern
  • Comparison of different evaluation methods for the position detection of the LED
  • Fusion incl. time synchronization of the measurement data of both sensor systems
  • Validation of the optical system on a large
    coordinate measuring machine

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