Laser optical geometry measurement on wind power rotor blades

Over long distances (100-300 m), a laser-based distance measuring system is to be used to measure the rotor blade geometry of wind turbines during operation. On the basis of these measurements, the condition of the plant can be evaluated and maintenance work can be planned and pre-pared as required.
The 3D laser scanner of an industrial partner will be adapted to the measurement requirements. Measurement data on static objects will be recorded, evaluated and com-pared with reference data. If necessary, the measurement data must be converted into a CAD format.
The focus of this work is the measurement of static objects (rotor blade segments) with the 3D laser scanner and a fringe projection system as reference. Furthermore, algo-rithms for the evaluation of the laser scanner data have to be developed. The exact objective of the work can be agreed upon individually.
Simple programming knowledge and interest in geometric measurement technology would be advantageous

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