Concept for a calibration strategy of an optical sensor system for measuring the geometry of gears

Due to high dynamic loads, the required service life of gearboxes in wind turbines is often not achieved. The requirements for measuring the actual geometric properties of large gears are increasing in order to prevent defects. As part of a research project, an optical multisensory system for fast and comprehensive measurement of the geometry of gears with a measurement uncertainty in the single-digit micrometer range is being developed. In order to realize these uncertainties, a suitable calibration strategy has to be designed.

The main goal of this work is to develop calibration strategies for the optical sensor system in order to determine the position and orientation of the sensors in the measuring room and to create a common measuring coordinate system. For this purpose, appropriate calibration objects and methods have to be designed. Subsequently, the calibration approaches for two different optical sensors will be applied and evaluated with regard to the uncertainty to be achieved.

Your profile:

  • Interest in contents of optical metrology
  • Good technical understanding
  • Independent work
  • Experience with MATLAB is helpful, but not a basic requirement
  • Good knowledge of German and English

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