Generation and investigation of dry ice particles as measuring probes

Microparticles of dry ice as measuring probes?

As part of a top European research project, BIMAQ is working on overcoming the current limits of optical geometry measurement technology. The idea here is no longer to measure the surface of the measured object directly, but instead - in an inverse process - to measure the geometry of the gas surrounding the body. Because air is not visible, small particles are added to the air. Sublimating particles are ideal measuring probes for this type of indirect geometry measurement, as they do not contaminate the component to be examined, but dissolve after the measurement has been taken and thus disappear.

The aim of this work is to generate evaporating dry ice particles as measuring probes and to direct them specifically onto a measuring object. The questions to be answered are:

  • How is the ice particle size related to the flow velocity and the gas supply?
  • How does the sublimation process of a particle proceed and how can it be influenced?

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