Movement of microparticles by means of optical beam pressure

Tweezers made of light?

Within the framework of a top European research project, completely new ways of measuring geometry and surfaces are to be explored using an indirect optical measurement approach. The basic idea is not to measure the surface of the object directly, but to scan the object with fluorescent micro-probes. For this purpose, the object to be measured can be surrounded by a large number of uncontrolled particles or a single, well-controlled fluorescent particle can be used. This would allow the surface to be "scanned" in a targeted manner.

Therefore, the aim of this work is to use the radiation pressure of light to position and move microscopic objects in air. With the aid of a laser, a measurement set-up suitable for particle manipulation must first be designed and realised. The following central questions are to be answered:

  • How must the optical system be designed to enable the targeted movement of the microparticles?
  • Which particle sizes with which optical properties are particularly suitable?

Your profile

- Enthusiasm for light and optical systems

- Enjoy designing & realising an optical system

- You like to work independently & responsibly, and want to help shape the future of optical metrology!

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