At the limits of measurement technology - Measurement of the geometry of large gears -

Large gears (d > 1 m) represent a special challenge for measurement technology. The tolerances for large gears start at just under one hundredth of a millimeter, so that compliance with the golden rule of measurement technology (1/10 of the measurement uncertainty of the tolerance) cannot currently be met when evaluating these tolerances. Current measuring methods only achieve an uncertainty of 20 - 30 % of the tolerances. As part of a research project, an optical multi-sensor system for measuring the geometry of gears is being developed. The aim is to achieve an uncertainty close to the limit of gear measurement technology of single-digit micrometer.

The main objectives of this work are, for example, to compare different optical sensors for the multisensory system, to work out an optimal sensor arrangement under consideration of the measurement uncertainty and to develop concepts for the evaluation of the gear geometry. In addition, the results obtained are to be validated on a (large) gear and with reference measurements.

Your profile:

  • Interest in optical and manufacturing metrology
  • Good technical understanding
  • Independent work
  • Experience with MATLAB is helpful, but not a basic requirement

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