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Thermographic flow visualization is suitable for investigating the aerodynamic condition of operating wind turbines. In future, drones will be used for this purpose on offshore turbines. In order to combine measurements from different rotor blade segments and viewing angles and to be able to compare the results from different points in time, the features in the 2D thermograms must be appropriately assigned to the 3D rotor blade surface. However, the rotor blade geometry required for this is generally not available. The aim of the "AutoFlow" project is to develop a drone-based measurement system that enables thermographic measurements of the flow condition as well as measurements of the rotor blade geometry. Furthermore, the measurement data are to be combined with each other in order to be able to make a statement about the aerodynamic condition of the wind turbine.

Your tasks:

  • Installation and commissioning of the thermographic and geometric measuring system
  • Programming the control of the thermographic and geometric measurement system
  • Integration of the measuring systems on a hexacopter
  • Development of an (image) evaluation for thermographic and geometric measurement data

Your profile:

  • autonomous and structured way of working
  • experiences with Python and Inventor or similar are advantageous

General conditions:

  • flexible working times
  • volume: 32 to 74 houres per month
  • vacation entitlement

Contact Details

Friederike Jensen
E-Mail: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.
Phone:+49 (0)421 218 646 64

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