Student employee wanted for the project Realization of a multi-sensor system for robot-based incremental sheet forming

Robotic incremental sheet forming is an economical and flexible manufacturing process for the production of sheet metal parts in small quantities. In this process, a forming die forms the sheet metal over a counter die, whereby the positioning deviation and deformation of the robot lead to geometric deviations of the sheet metal. The aim of the project "┬ÁRoboForm" is to measure the deviations of the tool position in real time and to actively correct them. An optical multi-sensor system will be developed to detect the tool position, installed and applied on a robot. Based on this, the measuring system will be optimized for the application in robot-based incremental sheet metal forming.

Your tasks:

  • Support in the conceptual design of the multi-sensor system in a robot cell and realization of the experimental setup
  • Assistance in the development of a calibration strategy applicable in the robot cell
  • Conduction of measurements with the robot

Your profile:

  • autonomous and structured way of working
  • experiences with MatLab / Python / C++ and Inventor or similar are advantageous

General conditions:

  • flexible working times
  • volume: 32 to 74 houres per month
  • vacation entitlement

Contact Details

Marina Terlau
E-Mail: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.
Phone:+49 (0)421 218 646 32

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