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At Bremen Institute for Metrology, Automation and Quality Science (BIMAQ) scientists research to novel model-based, dynamic measuring systems for the analysis and optimization of production and flow processes. The core competence of BIMAQ is the measurement, which is a key discipline for solving technical and overall social challenges.

One research focus is the holistic investigation of optical measurement systems to the limits of measurability of their design, modeling, development and characterization to application. This includes interdisciplinary fundamental and application-oriented research on the measurement methods and their applications, in particular for progress in industrial processes, large gears and wind turbines.


Modellbasierte Qualitätsregelung zur fehlerfreien Bauteilproduktion und Anwendung im Thermoformprozess (MoQua)

BMWI approves new research project on quality control

The objective of this project is the development of a three level quality control with adaptive modules. In combination with suitable sensors and empirical values stored in databases, this quality control will enable a zero-defect thermo-forming production.

The innovation is to consider the workpiece quality as control variable. Thereby, the inner quality of the workpiece as well as its geometry is being controlled in-situ. The required technologies, in particular a deep under­standing about the influences of workpiece heating, the press power and workpiece positioning, will be developed and im­ple­mented. Within this system, the quality control compensates quality deviations, which occur within the first production steps, by parameter adaptions in the subsequent sub-processes. Thus, the quality features of the workpieces finally meet the tolerances.

BIMAQ joins MAPEX – The Center for Materials and Processes

On 29 August 2016, the spokesman council appointed Prof. Fischer as a Principal Investigator to the MAPEX Center. With its three core areas of materials, technologies and methods, the MAPEX network represents one of the scientific focal points of the University of Bremen.